The name of the disc, as well as Matrix or Cataloge number.

Label / Labels

The labels are described with the label printing, text and color or only color depending on release.
There may be more labels of the same record, as described under this heading.

Insert paper cover
The cover could be in the form of an insert paper or 2, only the front, folded around the back or
front and back.

Color cover
Factory printed cover in matt finish.

Deluxe color cover
Factory printed cover on glossy materials or that the cover has been post-treated with plastic film.

Place of recording, Date, Month and Year.

Describes the color of the disc or record press in any significant country, the number of copies made.

If something of importance, namely a demo recording, cover-song or similar.
I have tried to include as much information as possible.

Own thoughts and reflections. More transparent information if necessary.

Grading - Sound quality

Poor recording, barely audible, abnormal sound, defective recording.

Very good
Pretty good sound, can be low in general or just the audience or music.
Difficult to describe exactly, it is much better than it sounds, it is after all bootlegs.

Good quality, which can range from a an extremely clear sound image at a lower level,
to very good audio recording of high output, but perhaps less clear sound.

A very clear sound, high output level. Usually, the audience is not as audible as on an official live album.
In this case it does not always end in a recording of any official release, not always microphones into the

+ / - Better / Worse
Vinyl sections begins with dates and dates based on when the recordings took place.

I have added a separate link about records there is a question mark over. These records can be seen as so-called self-made or similar until more details emerge. Email me if you have any pictures of inserts, labels, covers or vinyls youīll not find on this website. Everything is interesting for any inquiries, to sort things out and make this page better.