Counterfeits are reprints of official releases which try to have exactly the same look as originals (labels and sleeves).

Pirates are reprints of official releases as well. But the "producers" do not try to make the record look like the original
(this meaning they use different label styles as well as different sleeves).
Vinyl section

This section will deal with records released by non Kiss companies, more known as pirates and counterfeits.
The Asian vinyl LP΄s are pirate copies. Most of them were copied from a official vinyl record and released without permission. The record covers are made of paper or thin cardboard and this was typical of vinyl records from Asia.
Other countries as well choosed to make some custom releases with new covers for existing vinyls, many re-prints from the catalogue, mostly picture disc΄s or releases that never was released officially.

CD section

A Pirate CD could
contain any one or all of the indicators shown:

• No record company logos
• SID Code obliterated
• No SID Codes
• Poor-quality inlay & graphics, often 2 color print only
• Poor paper quality
• Promo versions
• Incomplete, incorrect, or no licensing or trademark details
• Discrepancies between disc and packaging
• Incorrect spelling
• Artist name or album title is incomplete or cropped off the disc
• More than one artists full album on a disc
• Low cost
• No plastic ‘jewel’ case
• CD΄s, plastic cases and inlay cards packed separately
• Disc is a CD-R/DVD-R

DVD section

A pirated DVD could
contain any one or all of the indicators shown:

• “All” zone region code
• Poor-quality labels that can be peeled off
• Film title is incomplete or cropped off the disc
• Release date of title - Film is currently in cinemas
• Zone 1 logos and Asian or Cyrillic characters
• Spelling errors
• Discrepancies between inlay card and disc
• Discrepancies on inlay card relating to information
from other films
• Poor color reproduction/fuzzy pictures or graphics
• Poor-quality paper stock
• Copyright holder not mentioned, incorrect, or fictitious
• DVD contains more than one film on a disc