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Tokyo 1977 3-LP                                                                     A Detroit Trilogy 1-CD (eat A Peach)                                 Bonzai Nagayo 2-LP

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Welcome to Kissbootlegged!

This is a bible on factory pressed bootlegs, counterfeits, pirate pressings in formats of Vinyl, CD, DVD, Cassette and VHS tapes.
Today's market consists to 50% of cheaply-made editions in few copies. I have taken the decision not to notify them on this page when there is little interest. These editions are often very poorly made in favor of the few copies which sells expensive, miserable, as it is 99% that is already been previously released.
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- Bootleg LP - Cleveland 1974 1-LP +DVD
- Bootleg LP - Fast & Furious 1-LP
- Bootleg LP - Livin´ the dream (Picture disc)
- Bootleg LP - Japan in the can (picture disc)

....And much more

- Section LP Bootlegs 1977-1978 (Sneak attack Tour 1977 3-LP)
- Section CD Bootlegs 1973-1976 (A Detroit Trilogy 1-CD)
- Section Bootleg Picture disc´s (live at the summit 2-PD)
- Section CD Bootlegs 1977-1981 (Fresno Alive 1-CD)
- Section CD Bootlegs Demos (Lost Kisses 1-CD)
- Section LP Bootlegs 1977-1978 (Bonzai Nagayo 2-LP)