Consequently, there are a lot of companies that have made Bootleg DVD's. However, there are two companies that put their stamp on the large proportion of releases, "Apocalypse sound" and "Way of Wizard".
The first mentioned has released over 200 releases with different kind of artists, while the "Way of Wizards'
soon pass 500 releases. AS has also a part of the CD bootleg industry. If it's the same company or an affiliate
I leave unsaid.

A bootleg DVD could contain any one or all of the indicators shown:

• “All” zone region code
• Poor-quality labels that can be peeled off
• Film title is imaginary
• Release date of title - Film have never been released officially
• No Zone logos, often provides PAL or NTSC format.
• Missing manufacturer name or cat.number
• Spelling errors
• Discrepancies between inlay card and disc
• Discrepancies on inlay card
• Poor color production/fuzzy pictures or graphics
• Poor-quality paper stock
• Copyright holder not mentioned, incorrect, or fictitious
• DVD contains more than one film on a disc